UCDC Eligibility

UCDC is open to upper-division students from ALL majors.  International degree-seeking students are eligible but must consult with the UCSB EAP office and Office of International Students & Scholars prior to applying.  

Eligibility criteria
  • Junior or senior standing by the start of the the program; completion of 2 years at UCSB or another institution

  • Minimum UC GPA of 3.0 at the time of application and maintained through departure

  • Be a registered UC student.


I'm a new transfer student in at UCSB and do not yet have a UCSB GPA. Can I still apply to the program? 

Yes, you can still apply.  Please be sure to speak with the Capital Internship Programs advisor about your situation.

I'll be studying abroad during the application period. Can I still apply?

Yes. The application is electronic, and interviews, if needed, can be conducted virtually.

I am a second year at UCSB, but I have junior standing. Can I apply to participate in the UCDC program during my second year?                                                                                                      

No. You must be in your third year or later during the quarter you are in DC. Transfer students are eligible to apply, if you do not have a UCSB GPA please consult the Capital Internship Program advisor.