Photo of the Capitol Building in Sacramento, CA
Photo of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC


The UCSB Capital Internship Program offers two wonderful opportunities at the UC Center Sacramento (UCCS) and the UC Washington Center (UCDC). Both are UC Systemwide programs and available to students from all UC campuses. Academic courses are integrated into both programs. Speak with your academic advisor to determine if you can obtain major credit for them.


While in D.C., students enroll in 1 seminar course such as "The American Congress", "The U.S. Supreme Court", "Washington Media", among others to select from.  In Sacramento, students register for a set of courses: "Internship & Research", The California Policy Seminar", and "Research Design and Methods".  In addition, both programs provide students with academic internship units.

Students participating in the Capital Internship Program receive important practical training,  hands-on guidance for internship applications, and professional development in various forms.

Why D.C. and Sacramento?

Washington, D.C., in addition to being the capital of the federal government, has a large concentration of cultural institutions, non-profit organizations, and private companies. It also houses embassies and consulates representing countries around the world.

Sacramento, the capital of California, is a leader in world-changing policies related to environmental issues, public health, consumer protection, repatriation of indigenous items, among many others. Policy measures implemented in California are often adopted not only on a federal level, but also inform policies made by many other countries.

The study of policy is not only for political science students: students interested in public advocacy, private business, and the arts world can benefit from a direct knowledge of policies in their respective fields.

Students of ALL majors can participate

Internship fields vary from public policy, state and national organizations, museums, advocacy organizations, and governmental agencies.  

STEM students are encouraged to apply keeping in mind that internships with scientific organizations may be focused more on policy. Research based internships in D.C. may be possible, however, please be sure to speak to the Capital Internship Program Advisor for details.

Students must apply directly to and interview for their position, and be selected by the internship organization. However, UCCS and UCDC will provide guidance and assistance during this process. Getting this support is invaluable!

Value of internships

Obtaining hands-on professional experience in your area of interest greatly enhances your undergraduate career at UCSB. Supplement the academic knowledge that you’re receiving at UCSB with an internship that will set you apart from your peers. Internships allow you to test-drive a new potential career or to confirm a path that you’ve already chosen. Best of all, your internship experience will transform you into a stronger candidate when seeking post-graduate employment.  


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