UCDC Cost & Scholarships

UCDC participants continue to pay UC tuition and fees as they would at UCSB.  In addition, they are responsible for housing costs, airfare and personal expenses detailed below.



*Estimate based on the UCSB 2023-24 quarterly cost of attendance for undergraduate CA residents.  Non-CA residents will also be responsible for the non-resident tuition fees. 

Note: If comparing costs, attending UCSB for 1 quarter is $11,869. (Based on the UCSB 2022-23 cost of attendance for undergraduate CA residents living off-campus.)


Summer 2024 Estimated Cost



Housing Deposit
To secure your spot in the program, a non-refundable housing deposit will be required shortly after students have been accepted into the program.  This payment will appear in your BARC account.  The deposit amount will be credited to the balance of your overall housing cost.

Tuition, program and housing fees will be billed directly to your BARC account.  Students will need to secure their own plane ticket and will therefore need to make the airfare payment directly with the airline company.  

Financial Aid Recipients

 Use your financial aid package on UCDC! 

  • Grants, scholarships and loans can be used for the UCDC program.  Federal work-study funds are not applicable.  

  • The UCSB Financial Aid office adjusts aid awards to meet the increased cost of the UCDC Program. Upon selection, UCDC will provide participant names to the Financial Aid office to allow the participants' financial aid awards to be recalculated based on the estimated costs listed in the table above.

  • Students are encouraged to obtain an estimate of their financial aid package for their UCDC term by contacting the UCSB UCDC Financial Aid Advisor. 


The following scholarships are available to UCSB students participating in UCDC.

Offered by the UCSB Capital Internship Program
The Public Service Scholarship is available to participants eligible to receive financial aid.  Limited scholarships are available per term.  Students must submit a scholarship application by the deadline.  Scholarship application will be distributed after students have been selected for the program.

Offered by Student Affairs and Career Services

The Community Financial Fund is provided through Student Affairs and is open to all undergraduates.

The Internship Scholarship Program is offered by Career Services and provides $1,500 scholarships to students. (Offered only in Summer)