UCDC Courses

Receive academic credit for your internship and seminar course(s).  Select your seminar from a curated list of topics taught by Washington D.C. experts, UCDC instructors and visiting UC faculty.  Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from someone in the “field”. 

Fall / winter / spring quarter

Students receive a minimum of 12 UC quarter units (upper division):


  • Intern for a minimum of 32 hours per week  (8 units, P/NP) 

  • Enroll in a seminar course (4 units, must be taken for a letter grade)

Seminars meet weekly and assist students in the development of an original research project, usually focused on a topic that relates to their internship experience. At the end of the quarter, students complete the seminar by submitting a substantial paper or several smaller papers.  Visit the UC Washington Center Academics page for additional information and course listings for the current term.  

Course registration occurs prior to your program start date.  Completed units and grades will appear as elective units on your UCSB transcript and will be calculated into your cumulative GPA.  If you wish to use these units to fulfill major/minor requirements, consult with the appropriate academic department at UCSB to determine if this is possible and submit a petition upon your return to campus.

Summer quarter

Students receive 4 - 6 UC quarter units:

  • Intern for a minimum of 4 units (24 hours/week for 10 weeks) OR 6 units (28 hours/week for 10 weeks).  Financial aid students must enroll in 6 units to qualify for aid.

  • Seminar courses are not offered