Which Program is Best for Me?

The UC Center Sacramento (UCCS) and UC Washington Center (UCDC) programs both offer excellent opportunities for students.  You get to decide where you intern : state capital or the national capital. Both are exciting locations that offer networking opportunities, a wide selection of industries and many internship positions.  



How to Choose?

Both are excellent choices.  Consider what you wish to obtain from your experience in the program.  Would one location help you better gain experience in a specific industry?  Given your career goals, would one program help you better establish your professional network?   

Location Sacramento, California Washington, D.C.
Academics Set list of core courses  Select 1 course from curated list of offerings
Internship Search Internship Match: Onsite staff will provide you with possible organizations and interviews Internship Guidance: Onsite staff will provide you with internship listings which you must research and take action on
Internship Hours Intern for 20 hours/week Intern for a minimum of 32 hours/week
Housing Flexible options Required to live in the UC Washington Center 
Cost Costs less than or similar to staying at UCSB Costs may be slightly higher than remaining at UCSB


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